Sauble Beach is a beautiful place to visit, relax and enjoy the sun, sand and surf.

Maintaining the Beach is costly.  Council has implemented a Paid Parking Program to assist in off-setting the costs of Beach maintenance.


paid parking area

You will be required to pay for parking at Sauble Beach when you park in the following areas:

Lakeshore Blvd N

Second Ave N (Main St to Sixth St N)

First St N

Fourth St N

Sixth St N

Tenth Street N

Lindsay St

Sauble Falls Road (Groves Point)

Municipal Parking Lots (Crowd Inn, Second Ave N-2 lots, Poechman Lane-boat launch)


motorcycle parking area

A designated motorcycle parking area has been established between Main Street and Paisley Lane along Lakeshore Blvd N.

Please be sure to park within the designated and marked spaces.

Paid Parking fees apply.


Season Pass

The pass is $50.00 per vehicle (no pro-rating) and can be purchased at the machines, by using the app, by web or by phone!  They can be purchased after June 1.

Please note that there is no requirement to be a resident to purchase a season pass - both residents and non-residents can purchase a season pass for $50!


How do I pay for parking (applies to all fees and passes)?

Pay By App             MacKay Pay

Pay By Web  

Pay By Phone         1-844-334-7078 (Toll Free) (must be a phone that is capable of receiving text messages)

Parking Machines   Located on Lakeshore Blvd Only

The Town has implemented a "cloud" based program whereby users will be able to pay via apps on their cell phones, using the internet or by regular phone call to a toll free number.  All you need to know is your license plate number and the parking zone (3030) which you will load into the cloud when you make your payment.


How do I get a receipt for a season pass?

Machines - a receipt will be issued upon payment.

All Other Methods of Payment - a receipt will be issued at the end of the parking season.  If you want immediate confirmation that you have paid, access your MacKay Pay account.  Click the three horizontal bars icon at the top left corner of the screen to open the menu.  The second option is "Parker History".  This lists all the transactions that you have executed in the MacKay Pay system including active transactions which are counting down (Season Passes).  If you click on the transaction, it will show the details. 


south bruce peninsula paid parking zone

The Town is Zone 3030. 


paid parking machine locations

Lakeshore Blvd N and Sauble Falls Rd

Lakeshore Blvd N and Sixth St N

151 Lakeshore Blvd N

Lakeshore Blvd N and Essex St

New in 2017 (Lakeshore Blvd N and King Edward)

If you pay using a machine, you won't need to go back to your car and put a pass on your vehicle; remember your license plate number, pay at the machine and load your licence plate number into the machine.  The machine will do the rest!

Paid Parking machines do not give change.  You may pay using a credit card, using loonies, toonies, five dollar bills and ten dollar bills.


Paid parking season

June 1 to Labour Day.

The hours when you are required to pay to park are 8am-5pm.



Hourly Rate   $3 per hour

Daily Rate    $15 per day

Season Pass $50.00 (per car-one car only per pass-no pro-rating)


paid parking and accessibility

Paid Parking fees apply to those parking within designated accessible parking spaces.


By-Law Enforcement at Sauble Beach

By-Law Enforcement Officers are on duty in Sauble Beach and are enforcing the Parking By-Law.  Please be sure that you angle park where required, do not park in loading zones, fire routes, no parking areas and accessible parking spaces.  Also be aware of parking spaces where there is a time limit for parking.

Town of South Bruce Peninsula
PO Box 310, 315 George Street
Wiarton ON N0H 2T0
Toll Free 1-877-534-1400